5 Stomach Flu Natural and Home Remedies


Despite the name, stomach flu is not actually any kind of influenza. The “flu” part is a bit of a misnomer and the correct term for it is ‘Gastro-enteritis’ since it affects the gastrointestinal tract. Gastro-enteritis is the term used to refer to any infection of the intestines or stomach. It can be caused by [...]

5 Stomach Flu Natural and Home Remedies2021-05-03T04:34:47-05:00

Empowering Patients as Partners in Healthcare


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects, the importance of empowering patients as partners in healthcare and the entire patient empowerment movement is catching on and gathering steam. The medicine and healthcare system is dynamic and constantly changing but the core value that it is centered around, that is the nature of [...]

Empowering Patients as Partners in Healthcare2021-03-09T22:36:58-05:00
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