In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects, the importance of empowering patients as partners in healthcare and the entire patient empowerment movement is catching on and gathering steam. The medicine and healthcare system is dynamic and constantly changing but the core value that it is centered around, that is the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, is constant. However, that being said, changes in the doctor-patient relationship and their inter-personal dynamic have long been overdue, and it is slowly but surely changing for the better.


Approximately 2000 people were asked what they would like the most from their healthcare experience in a survey back in 2016 and nearly three-fourths of the participants stated that they would like a better relationship with their healthcare providers, and nearly sixty percent of them wanted more transparency in terms of pricing and information as well as more reasonable pricing. Further, the study also found that patients highly prioritized advanced digital tools and aids as well as implements and services that made their healthcare experience more convenient and seamless. The reason these things hold so much significance for patients is that these are the tools that help them become better informed about their medical issue and treatment process and also, participate in their own healthcare more actively.


So, if you are a healthcare service provider or organization, here is what you can do to make your patients more empowered and share a better relationship with them:

1. Provide Clear Information and Help Your Patients Understand the Healthcare Process

It is human nature to fear the unknown, which is why it is extremely important that you, as a healthcare provider, do your utmost to alleviate your patient’s fears and concerns by making sure that they have all the information they need and understand the whole process properly.


2. Make the Healthcare Process Easier and More Convenient for All of Your Patients

Healthcare services are not something that should be viewed as daunting and complicated, which is why healthcare providers must do everything that they can to make the whole process easier and more convenient for their patients. Now, this can be done by bringing down waiting room times, providing online scheduling and consultation, offering same-day appointments, etc.


3. Embrace Technology and Encourage Your patients to Do the Same

Technology can do wonders in not just medical treatment and healthcare services, but also in improving doctor-patient relationships. As a healthcare provider, it would be highly beneficial for both you and the patient if you were to encourage them to embrace modern medical technology and wear devices that help measure or track things like their blood sugar levels and percentage of body fat.


4. Encourage Patients to Reach out Via Video Conferences

In the coming times, telemedicine has been a boon in terms of advancing the accessibility of healthcare. It allows the patients to consult with the health providers irrespective of geographical location. Going on with a telemedicine service helps patients with chronic illnesses, senior citizens, and other patients who may not be able to make it to their appointments. Offering these patients with an alternative means of connecting with the providers advances results while ensuring patient satisfaction.


At Today Clinic we don’t just practice medicine, we also practice what we preach. Needless to say, we place great importance on empowering patients as partners in healthcare. After all, the healthcare system is designed to protect and serve you, so it only makes sense that your voices are heard and your concerns addressed.

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