Your Guide to Tackling Fall Allergies


When the winter ends and the Sun finally begins to rise again in the spring, you are ready with medications and tissues to cope head-on with the allergy season. But fall allergies may be just as serious as their spring counterparts. When you find yourself continuously sniffing when the leaves start to change, you can [...]

Your Guide to Tackling Fall Allergies2020-05-05T23:42:43-05:00

The Most Common Viral Infections and Where to Get Treatment


Holidays are here, which means a lot of time spent celebrating family celebrations, but it also means peak virus season. The virus spreads more rapidly during the fall and early winter, which is why it is commonly referred to as the cold and flu seasons. It's important to keep up to date to know what [...]

The Most Common Viral Infections and Where to Get Treatment2020-05-05T23:36:18-05:00

How Do You Diagnose and Treat Chronic Cough?


Chronic cough is a cough that has persisted over time. Chronic cough is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of the underlying condition. Chronic cough is a chronic problem and the reason for many visits to the doctor. Chronic cough is one of the most common complaints in adults seeking outpatient medical treatment. About [...]

How Do You Diagnose and Treat Chronic Cough?2020-05-01T21:07:39-05:00

Allergy Testing Q&A


Allergy Testing Q & A Allergy testing help find allergies to things you touch, breathe in, and eat on a regular basis. Allergies can be seasonal, but some suffer from allergies all year and/or live in a high allergen environment. Allergy sufferers receive the best results from a qualified healthcare professional. We have [...]

Allergy Testing Q&A2019-06-04T10:33:00-05:00
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