Allergy Testing Q & A

Allergy testing help find allergies to things you touch, breathe in, and eat on a regular basis. Allergies can be seasonal, but some suffer from allergies all year and/or live in a high allergen environment. Allergy sufferers receive the best results from a qualified healthcare professional. We have answered some of the most common questions regarding allergy testing.

Q: What is allergy testing?

Allergy testing can aid in the identification of allergens that are causing your current skin, nasal,
sinus, eye, throat, ear or respiratory symptoms. Allergy testing can also identify the degree of sensitivity you may have to specific allergens. This information will aid your doctor or provider in developing an effective treatment plan to improve your allergy symptoms.

Today Clinic provides specialized allergy services.

Q: What is the biggest difference between services from an allergy specialist and using shipped-to-home allergy kits/free screenings/drugstore medication?

Two factors make the biggest difference. They are:

1. RESULTS. Allergy tests are not as reliable without a doctor’s exam. The free drugstore
screenings and shipped allergy kits have a high percentage of “false positive” results –meaning, the results may lead you believe you have an allergy when you do not. The kits can lead to more questions than answers.

A doctor’s exam provide more sustainable solutions than temporary relief from over-the-counter
drugs and/or self-help remedies. Your doctor can also help rule out other
conditions that could be causing your symptoms.

2. WASTED MONEY is another big risk with shipped kits and even “free screenings”. The
wrong test leads to wrong results. Unnecessary lifestyle changes, second opinions, and
unnecessary anxiety can be costly. Customized solutions provide the best outcomes for
allergy relief.

Today Clinic offers the following:

  • Innovative testing

  • Customized scratch tests

  • Optional take-home injections

  • Reduced treatment costs

  • More specific discovery and review process than general allergy tests.

Q: Does insurance cover allergy tests?

Yes. Most insurance companies do cover the allergy testing services at Today Clinic. The service providers work with you to help with getting each step of the process covered by your insurance company. For patients that do not have insurance, the customized tests and take-home injections have helped save money.

Q: How long before my symptoms begin to improve?

Most patients see results within 90 days with the Today Clinic allergy testing services. Results can vary. Each person reacts differently to the testing phases.

You should also speak to your doctor for tips to manage allergies throughout the year.

Q: How safe is allergy testing?

There is a possibility of adverse reactions, as with any procedure that requires substances to be injected into the body. Although rare, these generally are mild and include local reactions or mild systemic reactions. An example of a common reaction is mild pain or tenderness at the injection site. Several medications can interfere with the testing process, the validity of data collected during allergy testing, and with treatment in the event of an adverse reaction. Therefore it is important to disclose all medications you are taking when you visit the allergy specialist.
At Today Clinic, we want to assure you that we place great emphasis on patient safety and well-being for all patients in our care. We maintain all the necessary equipment, medications and trained staff to respond effectively to these types of situations.

Q: Are pregnant women eligible for allergy testing?

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant please notify your allergy specialist
immediately. You are not eligible for allergy skin testing at any time during pregnancy.
However, blood testing for allergens is recommended during pregnancy.

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