Urgent Care Clinic vs. Emergency Room


Urgent Care Clinic vs. Emergency Room Do you ever feel like you are in the wrong place during emergency room visits? According to experts, you are. Urgent care needs make up nearly half of medical care costs in the U.S., according to recent studies.  Most healthcare expert reports indicate hospital emergency room visits [...]

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Allergies Driving You Mad?


Allergies Driving You Mad? Allergy season is upon us and it probably feels like it is getting worse each year.   The biggest allergy triggers are pollen and flowers. Other triggers include mold, dust, and grass.  Some experts claim climate change is the leading factor, citing increasing temperatures and carbon dioxide levels.  Worsening air [...]

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Allergy Testing Q&A


Allergy Testing Q & A Allergy testing help find allergies to things you touch, breathe in, and eat on a regular basis. Allergies can be seasonal, but some suffer from allergies all year and/or live in a high allergen environment. Allergy sufferers receive the best results from a qualified healthcare professional. We have [...]

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