Occupational Medicine focuses on the effect of employment on safety and well-being at work in an effort to prevent disease, disability or permanent damage by encouraging each working person to be a safe, healthy and productive member of the workforce.

In the event of injury or illness, the Section of Occupational Medicine may provide care to the employee and may help employers adapt the workplace to the changing needs of the individual.


Today Clinic Occupational Healthcare practitioners have experience in the fields of physical, environmental, biological and psychosocial risks at the workplace and how they can be measured and handled safely. Knowledge of laws and regulations that affect employment is also considered to be of assistance to employees in returning to work by our providers.


How Can an Occupational Health Program Help Your Company’s Bottom Line?  

Healthy workers are more successful than ever. To help your staff stay healthy, you can build a preventive health program that includes:

  • Health Risk Assessments

  • Nutrition Coaching Fitness Programs

  • Weight Loss Coaching

  • Health Coaching

  • Classes

  • Workshops


Work-related injuries can also be costly. The direct costs of accidents that are easy to measure, such as medical care and insurance costs, are small compared to indirect costs associated with injury, retraining, loss of productivity and the like.


Return Your Employees to Work as Soon as Possible  

When injuries occur, they need to be well managed to bring the injured worker back to health and productivity as soon as possible. The qualified occupational medicine practitioner must collaborate with the patient, the employer, the workers  compensation provider and the medical system to help the injured worker recover his or her functional skills and return to work.


Today Clinic Occupational Medicine Healthcare 

Occupational health provides you with quality care for the prevention and treatment of work related injuries and illnesses. Today’s Clinic is a reliable choice for Occupational Medicine and Workers Compensation Injuries.

With years of experience, our highly trained nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and Board Certified Providers specialize in the assessment and treatment of work related injuries!