Many patients turn to their doctor for weight loss assistance. While weight loss prescriptions do help suppress your appetite and boost energy, it is important to discuss sustainable lifestyle factors with your doctor. Using weight loss drugs, such as phentermine, as a tool allows you to lose more weight and boost energy naturally with these tips:

1. Talk to your doctor about your weight-loss goals and journey.

Keeping your doctor in the loop helps to explore options and testing that are beneficial.  Addressing weight loss concerns is a layered approach and should be customized to the patient. Hormonal issues, thyroid issues, and several other factors can play a major role in symptoms such as major weight gain and/or weight loss challenges. It’s good to involve your doctor so you can go beyond symptoms to address deeper issues that might be going on with your body. Your doctor is your ally.

2. Get weight loss prescription drugs from a trusted doctor.

If you and your doctor agree on using phentermine as a tool for weight loss, it is important that you discuss healthy tips that are associated with this common weight loss prescription. It is more important to ensure you are not purchasing phentermine from an illegal source since it is a schedule IV-controlled substance. It must be prescribed by a licensed doctor and purchased from a DEA-registered pharmacy. Any other source or action has led to serious consequences for phentermine users who do not have a legitimate prescription.

3. Stay hydrated.

The body confuses thirst for hunger at times, which can cause you to snack, even when taking an appetite suppressant. Taking pills like phentermine also leads to side effects like “cotton mouth”. Drinking lots of water helps alleviate this symptom. Increasing water intake to 8 or more glasses per day gives your metabolism a big boost, so not only does it contribute to weight loss, but it also helps you feel better, giving you more energy to stay active.

4. Make exercise a crucial part of your conversation with you doctor.

Not only should exercise be a crucial part of your weight loss journey, but your exercise routine should be cleared with you doctor if you are taking weight loss medications like phentermine. We’ve all heard it before, right. Exercise daily, etc, etc.  However, exercise contributes to a long-term healthy lifestyle.  You should gradually build-up the physical activities based on some basic doctor-approved recommendations.  For example, your doctor may recommend a maximum number of minutes for vigorous activity based on heart rate goals and other factors.

5. Share your progress and process!

Research shows that consistent progress updates leads to a higher likelihood of achieving and maintaining your goal weight.  Sharing your progress with friends and your doctor offers accountability and support.  Doctors recommend weekly check-ins for those taking phentermine or any other diuretic.   Ask your doctor about recommended support groups and bring your friends and family along your journey. If you are interested in weekly support and check-ins, call a Today Clinic location for a weight loss consultation.