The circumstances of your working environment and the sort of work that you do comes with a certain risk of injury. The possibility of getting into a mishap will in general be a lot more prominent in specific working environments than in others. The construction business, for example, will generally have a higher risk of serious injuries as compared to any desk job.

Thus, habitually when you take into account the injuries that would get you to a clinic, one can envision serious and grisly injuries, that come on as a side effect of being on a perilous job.

While these happen, individuals in all sectors and industries can sometimes get harmed at the job. At Today Clinic, we see patients with a wide array of wounds and backing them with a multidisciplinary group. You might be astonished to find out about some of the common conditions we deal with when it comes to On-Job Injuries.


1. Muscle Strains

Muscle Strains are a common business-related injury, as any individual who consistently lifts hefty things at work will likely know as of now. However, back and neck strains, specifically, can happen in all types of work. For instance, if a person spends more than 12 hours sitting in an office chair and working on a laptop or computer, said person is likely to strain his neck or other muscles.


2. Overexertion

Often people put a tremendous amount of overtime into their work which many times leads to the manifestation of physical injuries in the body. This is usually termed as Overexertion. These kinds of injuries usually tend to take place in places that require more physical labor but that does not take sedentary workplaces off the table. Overexertion can hit a person while doing something as tedious as lifting heavy boxes to doing something as simple as carrying a few files.


3. Highway Mishaps

These kinds of injuries are usually suffered by people who drive for a living or drive long distances for work. If unfortunately, someone suffers such an accident they may claim workers’ compensation.


4. Falls, Trips, and Slips

Regardless of the surface, individuals can lose their balance and endure an injury. Wet surfaces, lopsided floors and loose carpeting can all cause injuries in offices, while climate and stray materials are the usually guilty parties in outdoor jobs. If you hit your head, it is essential to get it looked at and promptly rule out any serious wounds. Make sure all employees are well-trained in the relevant safety information and verify that the physical conditions in the workplace are up to the standards to decrease the number of injuries in this category.


5. Machine Accidents

While the term Machine Accidents may make you think of factories, injuries can also be caused indoors, for instance, paper shredders and faulty copiers may cause an on-job office injury.


6. Fatigue

It is crucial that employees show up to work physically prepared. A lack of adequate sleep can lead to exhaustion, accidents, and inattention. Even a well-rested employee can be fatigued while on the job, so it’s essential to take breaks at regular intervals or when required.


The workplace must be a safe and secure place for all employees, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It is crucial to stay aware of these issues that can majorly harm your health and well-being.

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