It is a fact that a sudden migraine can throw your work and personal life off track for numerous days. For those who are unaware, a migraine defines the tendency to get a headache responding to any stressful circumstance. There are numerous elements in our lives that can lead to migraines, and the triggers vary among people, but the excellent news is that 70% of migraine attacks can be handled if you avoid the triggers.

We at Today Clinic have listed some basic lifestyle changes that can help you fight off these painful migraines.


Regularly Practice Exercises

A robust workout, while you’re in the throes of a bad migraine, may not be a great idea, in fact, an increased pulse may actually make the pressure or the pounding worse. But during times when you aren’t experiencing any migraines, regular exercise is an ideal way to help you stay migraine-free. It is an observation that patients experience less intense migraine episodes after they have indulged in routine exercises. Practicing yoga is also an effective way to be healthy and migraine-free. Just make sure to take caution with yoga classes if the high temperature is a known trigger for you. When working, get up from your desk, and do some shoulder and neck exercises to improve your posture at work.


Consume Natural Whole Foods

It is crucial to consume whole foods to avoid migraines. Many doctors have recommended staying away from sugars and carbs. Instead, it is recommended to eat a veggie and protein when hungry. Make sure to never go more than six or seven hours without food and be sure to include protein, vegetables, and leafy greens. For snacks, go for yogurt, string cheese, trail mix with nuts and fruit, protein bars, or granola bars.

Also, those who experience migraines must avoid histamine-rich food items because chances are that your body does not have the enzyme to process it and when it isn’t released from the body, it leads to a migraine. These include fermented items like idli, beer, and certain cured meats.


Avoid the Sun

Heading to the beach on a bright sunny summer day? Pack plenty of fluids and a beach umbrella if you’re habitual to migraines. Drinking water helps the body adjust to temperature change. According to a 2009 study, an individual’s risk of having a severe headache goes up 7.5% for every 5-degree-celsius rise in the temperature. Go for sunglasses which can help, as can seeking shade, or air-conditioning, when you feel yourself getting overheated. Try for a gradual change and wait for a few minutes in common areas where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much.


Never Go Fasting

Make sure to never keep your stomach empty for long hours, as it leads to a build-up of acid reflux and causes migraines. Fasting puts the body in an extreme crisis situation. It is best to carry healthy snacks or fruits when your stomach growls and you are nowhere close to meeting your lunch or work deadline. Also, with respect to caffeine, make an effort to limiting yourself to no more than 100-200 mls a day. For instance, a cup of coffee has about 100 mls, and black tea has 30-40. Too much caffeine can not only bring on a migraine, but it can also make you experience migraines more often.


Manage Your Stress Levels

Mental relaxation of any kind for at least an hour a day is definitely the means to avoid migraines. That kind of relaxation can be created by yoga, exercising, or even listening to music (if that’s what calms you down). You must go for activities that engross you enough to not let disturbing thoughts enter your mind. Aerobic exercises that advance the blood flow and releases muscle spasms help in staying away from migraines.


If you’re experiencing routinely migraines, talk to us at Today Clinic as we make a full effort to understand the history of your headaches. It can be beneficial if you maintain a diary of headache times, triggers, medications used, and how well the medicines worked. While there is no solution for migraines, we can help curate a strategy for prevention and treatment so that migraines don’t stop you from living your ideal life.